New blog, New post, New life (maybe) haha

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Hey hey~

Been thinking: Since im in Japan, why not start a new blog? So my conclusion: Lets start a new blog!  <– kinda stupid reason huh? But well, doing something is better than doing nothing.

For those of you interested in Japan, check out this site:

Ahh…how rude of me. Let me introduce myself. Ahem. My name is Jin Xiong Jelvin Lim. Im Singaporean, but is enrolled in an university in NSW, Australia. Im doing a double degree program in Australia. Just for 2008, im in Japan on an exchange program!! *and the crowd goes wild*

I have already been in Japan since March, and it feels like home already. Guess im too used to being a “ronin”. Ronin in Japan typically means a student who fails his/her entrance exam and has to spend a year going to cram schools etc studying for the extrance exam the following year. In the past, ronins means “masterless samurai”. Use your best-friend wiki and check it out. Japan has tons of interesting stuff to learn about.

I’m also a part-time English tutor working at IHCway ( Teaching English can really be fun, or anything from studying to working to holidaying; all you have to do is looking on the bright side *always look on the bright side of life….du duu…du du du du du duuuuu” (its a line from a song).

Went to Hiroshima the other day. If you knew what happened there after the A-bomb dropping, you’ll want the elimination of nuclear weapons from the world. If your in Hiroshima, the A-bomb Dome and Peace Memorial Park is a must-go. Learn about the foolishness of man.

Hello world!

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